Dear Friends in Headache Medicine,
Pain perceived in the head is not only a source of suffering for patients, but also a problem for their physicians. We ask ourselves: is it "just" migraine or something even more serious? It becomes more discomforting when we realise that many secondary headaches are caused by disorders form outside our field of expertise. To deal with those problems efficiently we must learn from the best: headache specialists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists or otorhinolaryngologists. Bearing this in mind, we have invited a truly interdisciplinary group of experts for the Secondary Headaches School endorsed by The European Headache Federation (EHF). Our programme is based on extensive EHF experience in teaching headache medicine with plenty of time for discussions and case analyses - and all this only 4 weeks before Christmas, in beautiful Warsaw.
Looking forward to seeing you there,

Izabela Domitrz
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Marcin Straburzyński 
Chair of the Organising Committee

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